Sunday, 12 June 2011

York, Vintage fair & Continental Market

Went to York this morning to have a mooch around the vintage fair, didn't realise there was a Continental food market on too so that was an added bonus.

I didn't find as much to spend my money on as last time, which freed up some cash for foodie treats later, but I did get some nice fabric.
The usual lady with the good fabric stall was there, she also sells on Ebay so if anybody wants her ebay name let me know, her vintage fabric is always good quality and I've never had any yet that smells musty. I got the 3 pieces in the top photo. The other 2 bits with the groovy purple flowers were from another stall that mainly has clothes.
2 stalls I found last time, vintage haberdashery & old postcards were not there on this occasion which was a shame and the book stall didn't have anything I wanted this time. 

Next, on to the food market. The smells were divine although I'm always wary of stalls with too exposed food and people coughing as they walk past, so I can be a bit picky. I wanted garlic and I found some lovely oak smoked bulbs, this will be going in some soup tomorrow. I got the Italian pepper and cheese ciabatta which has been half devoured with salad today and saving a bit to go with the soup tomorrow.

I got Dutch butter cinnamon waffles in the little red bag. And finally couldn't resist the dumpling like German doughnuts. There are 4 flavours here, vanilla cheesecake with jam, cinnamon apple, hazelnut chocolate and black & white chocolate. Naughty but very nice and a lovely texture, 1 remains!

Got home and it's done nothing but rain all day, what a miserable end!


Anonymous said...

We had the Continental Market in Belfast a couple of weeks ago, I bought a lovely lavender plant. You got some yummy purchases but as a vegetarian Sally you have to admit there are some pretty disgusting things there too!!
Vivienne x

patty said...

I quite agree, there were some dodgy looking sausage stalls and although you see some nice smelling veggie curry or paella it is usually next to a vat of lamb curry so best avoided. Fortunately, the German doughnut stall had 'everything vegetarian' written across their stand.